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2017 Abruzzo Eco-Cultural Tour
930 €
Campaign ends in:
About the Project
The Diakron Institute’s eco-cultural tour “Multisensory Immersion in Abruzzo National Park” will provide blind and sighted participants with an immersive experience of the interaction between the natural world and the human cultural heritage. According to us, this can only be achieved by activities involving all of our senses. Participants will experience the European wild by listening to wolf howls breaking through the surrounding echoes of roaring red deer; they will become familiar with the behavior of bears by tasting some of their favourite plants and following their tracks through the mountains; they will be confronted by the history of the people living in these mountains by touching their archaeological remains; they will learn how these people became what they, and we, are today, by sharing their lifestyle in an authentic village. We believe there is no better way to understand the interaction between nature and culture than by tasting, hearing, touching and discovering its traces, and ultimately, by participating in it.
Why are we fundraising?
This fundraising campaign chiefly aims to fund, by means of a scholarship, the full participation cost of one or more participants, who themselves lack the means to pay for their own participation in this multi-sensory exploration. Your generous donations will be used to cover the tour participation fee, international travel costs, and the purchase of equipment which will be used to support our eco-cultural tour program. Each tour participation fee covers room and board for seven days, local transportation, the cost of all cultural activities and compensation of participating professionals, and specialized equipment which enables us to offer a safe, in-depth experience. Keeping our educational program accessible to all is our strongest conviction and, also, our responsibility as a non-profit. Indeed, we believe that sharing and exchange of cultural experience can only be achieved through accessibility. For a comprehensive breakdown of how your donations will be distributed to support our tour program, please read our fundraising budget.
About The Diakron Institute
The Diakron Institute is a nonprofit corporation which organizes educational activities to promote the international exchange of disciplinary expertise and cultural perspective. The Institute’s members work collaboratively across the global network to innovate interdisciplinary projects, services, and events. The Diakron Institute is currently supporting the development and realization of a wide-range of multi-cultural and interdisciplinary activities including a blind-accessible eco-cultural tour of Abruzzo National Park, a bear-tracking/art expedition in Slovakia, an underwater archaeology seminar in southern Italy, a cultural tour of the Cycladic island in Greece, scientific research about the golden jackal expansion in Europe, and an accessible platform for the publication of audio/video recordings of natural, undisturbed animal behavior, “An Eye on the Wild.”
If you have any further questions about our project or fundraising campaign, let us know!
Full Scholarship: travel expenses, equipment cost, and tour participation fee for one participant 
Dormouse (5 Euro or more): 
A very warm thank you!
Woodpecker (10 Euro or more): 
Exclusive picture from the tour
+ Dormouse gift
Fox (20 Euro or more): 
Exclusive sound recording from the tour
+ Woodpecker gift
Badger (35 Euro or more): 
Exclusive sound recording from the tour + desktop wallpaper by Bruno D'Amicis
+ Fox gift
Roe Deer (50 Euro or more): 
Wildlife soundtrack of F. Deroussen
+ Badger gift
Chamois (75 Euro or more): 
Greeting cards from Bruno D'Amicis
+ Badger gift
Red Deer (100 Euro or more): 
3-D silicon footprint of a mammal track
+ Badger gift
Wolf (150 Euro or more): 
Guided day excursion beaver/bird watching in Massachusetts (USA), or wolf-tracking in Trentino (ITALY)
+ Badger gift
Marsican Bear (700 Euro or more): 
Two guided days in the Abruzzo national park with Bruno D'Amicis and a local naturalist guide (does not cover food, accommodation, or travel)
+ Badger gift
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