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a 7-day Eco-Cultural expedition for the blind and the sighted to experience the red deer rut, wolf listening, and local Italian lifestyle

Summary: This eco-cultural expedition offers blind and sighted participants an opportunity to experience the multi-sensory interaction of the natural world and human cultural heritage, in the Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park, Italy. Within an extensively-forested and mountainous landscape, our participants will listen to wolves in the outskirts of a medieval village; experience the emotional atmosphere of the deer rut in rural community gardens and remote corners of the park; encounter the timelessness of human-wildlife interaction in the ethnographic and archaeological history of a local community; explore the world of nature sounds with scientific precision and artistic spontaneity; and learn to identify animal tracks and tree species by tactile recognition. Gastronomic highlights will include wine and cheese tasting in scenic Villetta Barrea, a “historical meal” with dishes characteristic of different historical periods of Abruzzo, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, and a succulent sampling of wild forest greens led by a local plant specialist. Join our expedition and immerse yourself in the extraordinary interaction of wildlife and human culture.

Meals: All meals are included in the expedition price; we will have a balance of home-cooked meals (Mediterranean cuisine), packed lunches, and dinners at local restaurants and taverns (Abruzzese food).

Red Deer & Grey Wolf

Photo and Audio:

©Bruno D'Amicis 

Accommodations: The group will be hosted by the Casone di Colleciglio, a historic Italian villa located at the forest’s edge, on the shore of Barrea Lake. The interior is divided into two separate apartments, with a shared central space including a living room and kitchen. Each bedroom will accommodate two participants. Depending on weather conditions and participant determination, we may arrange for outdoor camping around the villa as well as in more remote areas, where we may hear, among other animals, owls and red deer.

Itinerary Outline: Please find a comprehensive itinerary here.

Day 1:

- Meet in Rome

  at 13:00

- Arrival at




Day 2:

- Nature hike on

  the shores of

  Barrea Lake

- Wine & cheese


- Wolf listening

Day 3:

- Archaeological




- "Historical meal"

- Nature hike

  near integral


Day 4:

- Nature hike to

  deer rutting  


- Wolf listening

Day 5:

- Ethnographic

  museum visit

- Countryside


- Wild herb


- Evening deer

  rut listening

Day 6:

- Wolf tracking

  lesson and


- Wolf listening

Day 7:

- Nature hike in

  ancient forest

- Identification of

  tree species

Day 8:

- Drop-off in

  Rome at 14:00

€650 for students
7 days for
(flights not included)
September 2018
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