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a 7-day Eco-Cultural expedition for the blind and the sighted to experience the red deer rut, wolf listening, and local Italian lifestyle
Red Deer Roaring
Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park, Italy
Red Deer Roaring
© Fernand Deroussen
Rolling Thunder
Red Deer Antlers Colliding
Italian Crickets at Night
Wolves Howling
Barrea Lake from Barrea
Barrea by night
Urban deer in Villetta Barrea
Curious chamois
Forests as far as the eye can see
Red deer in green mountain pastures
Brown bear
Heavenly light on the Fucino plain
Dead wood typical of ancient forests
Italian wolf on the move
Dawn on Monte Meta
Red deer
Fallen forest giant
Curious wild boar
Mountain stream
Barrea by day
Tree touching
Curious red fox
Hikers en route
Historical meal
Location of 2017 Accommodation
2017 Accommodation Exterior 1
2017 Accommo-
dation Exterior 2
Fireside dining
2017 Accommodation Interior 1
2017 Accommo-
dation Interior 2
2017 Accommo-
dation Interior 3
Sun setting over Abruzzo
The photos and video presented herein were obtained on-site, during previous field research by Tour Manager Nathan Ranc and during past tours. The audio files were recorded and generously contributed by audio-naturalist and tour guest Fernand Deroussen, naturOphonia.
7 days for
€650 for students
(flights not included)
September 2018
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