Executive Consultant

Nathan Ranc is a spatial ecologist and conservation biologist. He is currently developing his PhD thesis on movement ecology at Harvard University (USA) and the Fondazione Edmund Mach (Italy). More specifically, his work focuses on understanding the role of spatial memory in the spatial ecology of large mammals, with relevant applications for human-wildlife coexistence. In addition, his current projects include a continental initiative for the study of golden jackal (Canis aureus) expansion in Europe.

Nathan received a MSc degree at Stockholm University, and was awarded the 2013 GBIF Young Researcher Award for his work on species distribution modelling and conservation prioritization of mammals in the Mediterranean Basin.

Nathan aims at constantly challenging anthropocentrism in education, culture and politics. As Executive Consultant of The Diakron Institute, his objective is to foster the inclusion of ecology and conservation biology in a multidisciplinary framework.