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an accessible Eco-Cultural tour program
The Diakron Institute "In Dialogue with the Wild" is an Eco-Cultural tour program which organizes accessible nature expeditions. Its mission is to investigate the relationship between the natural world and human activity; to consider the value of an appreciation for the "wild," and to explore socio-cultural phenomena which reconcile the human with the natural.
OUR TEAM: The program is directed by wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist Nathan Ranc. Assistant direction, consultation, and technical support is provided by deafblind civil rights lawyer and activist Haben Girma, archaeologist Luigi Lafasciano, educationalist Melissa Sanchez, and cultural preservationist Andrew R. Gipe.
GEN. INFO: Local transportation, accommodations, and meals are included in the price of each of our tour packages. Flights are not included; we arrange to collect our participants from the airport or main train station and to return them there after the tour. Pick-up and drop-off at other locations can be arranged. Because of our commitment to low-impact expeditions, our maximum group size is 14 (including Diakron staff). Target participants will not be unfamiliar with outdoor activities, will be capable of hiking for several hours and on consecutive days, and will already have some interest in and orientation to being in the wild. Participants should bring their own field equipment.
OPEN TOURS: The Diakron Institute is currently organizing an eco-cultural expedition for blind and sighted participants to experience the multisensory interplay of the natural world and human cultural heritage in Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park, Italy.
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