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a three-week immersive exploration of the history, archaeology, and anthropology of the Cycladic islands in Greece.

Summary: This educational expedition offers participants a unique opportunity to experience the culture and history of the Cycladic islands in Greece. The program is divided into three parts, each corresponding to a unique educational experience. Participants may take part in one or any combination of the three weekly parts (Read the Special Pricing Options for more information).

-    WEEK 1: Introduction to Greek history and culture

During the first week, participants will be hosted in Athens and on the island of Paros, where they will receive an introductory course in Modern Greek, visit important archaeological sites and attend brief lectures about Ancient Greek history and archaeology, with a particular emphasis on the Cyclades.

-    WEEK 2: Archaeological excavation at the Sanctuary of Apollo on the island of Despotiko

During the second week, participants will experience the practice of modern archaeology by assisting with the excavation of the archaic Sanctuary of Apollo on the island of Despotiko (Antiparos). They will be taught the stratigraphic method of excavation and receive an introduction to architectural drawing of ancient structures.

-    WEEK 3: Cultural excursions in the Cyclades

During the third week, participants will engage in a series of cultural activities, inspired by the ritual preparations of the ancient ephebic cult of Apollo, to gain insight about the local economy and culture of the Cyclades. We will travel by ferry to visit Naxos and Delos, two of the most significant cultic sites of Apollo, go snorkelling to explore the underwater archaeological remains around the island of Despotiko, perform a ritual meditation in a sacred Apollonian cave, go night-fishing with local fishermen, hike a byzantine pilgrimage road through medieval villages, experience the emotional atmosphere of island festivals, and experience the authenticity of Cycladic cuisine.

Meals: Meals are not included in the price. Participants will at all times have access to a fully-furnished cooking area and will be free to determine their own culinary routines. Optional group meals at local establishments will be organized spontaneously by the project team throughout the program.

Accommodations: Participants will be individually responsible for arranging their accommodations in Athens (Week 1), in Antiparos they will be hosted at the Dolphin Hotel (Week 2), and in Paros at the House of Literature in Lefkes (Weeks 1 and 3).

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