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The recipe for a successful university application is a delicate combination of ingredients: a comprehensive understanding of the application criteria; an acute awareness of the history, operation, and goals of the program to which you are applying; technically proficient application materials; the expression of a provocative uniqueness which exceptionalizes your effort; and a little bit of luck. Our experienced academicians can help you tackle the first four; we can get you started from scratch, offer constructive feedback on what you’ve been working on until now, or work with you to add the finishing touches.

     Whether you’re applying “shotgun-style,” to several universities at once, or honing in and focusing your attention on one or two programs, we can help you plan and organize your approach.

     We also have quite a bit of experience with scholarship and financial aid applications (more than half a million dollars of subsidies between us), and can help you tailor your application strategy to take full advantage of available funding.


Internationally regarded as the standard documentary format for self-representation, the CV (Curriculum Vitae), or “life’s course,” is a comprehensive catalogue of the experiences which define your professional identity. It presents your personal information (name, address, date of birth, etc.), academic history (coursework, training, and awards), professional background (work experience and publications), extracurricular activities, and technical skills (languages, computer skills, etc.), in a carefully-organized graphic composition.

     The resume, an abbreviated version of the CV, is a catalogue of experiences which is edited and composed for singular use, on an application-by-application basis.

     For assistance with your own CV or Resume, consult our team of academicians. We are proficient composers and experienced users of these essential communicative tools.


Why are you applying? What interests you about this position? What do you think you can bring to our program? The successful essay or motivation letter is a carefully-crafted exposition of your suitability as a candidate, your knowledge of the program or position to which you are applying, and your proficiency as a writer. It evidences your ability to think clearly and creatively, to organize your thoughts, and to refine and represent them.

     Composing an impressive, well-written exposition is a formidable challenge; and while we can’t write it for you, we can help you to revise and improve your work by offering an expert second opinion.


For artists and designers, the portfolio is an indispensable tool. It functions as a portable archive which catalogues and re-presents a comprehensive selection of your most impressive creative works. Moreover, it is, itself, an example of your capabilities as an artist and designer. The essential qualities of an effective portfolio are intuitive navigability, thematic consistency, graphic emphasis of your best work, and a subtle self-expressiveness which uniquely characterizes your effort.

     Among our team of experienced academicians are some very talented portfolio designers; they’re here to help you build one from the ground up or adapt and refine what you’ve put together so far.


Tell me about yourself. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Why are you applying for this position? How well do you work as part of a team? You’ve made it to the interview; it’s time to present yourself in person.

     This is your best opportunity to direct the attention of your reviewers to the most impressive qualities of your application. Your answers should be honest, concise, and interesting; a careful combination of professional focus and personal expression. Each interview requires its own, unique preparation, but one standard holds true for them all; practice makes perfect. Exercise your interview skills with a member of our team and receive the constructive feedback you need to improve your professional communication.


Our multi-national team offers affordable editing and translation services to students and professionals. With native proficiency in 11 different languages, our linguistic expertise includes: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Albanian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Arabic. Tell us what it is you’d like to have edited or translated and we’ll send you back an estimate.

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