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a 7-day educational expedition about large carnivores, mountain ecology, and modern conservation in the European wild
Majestic Destinations
Tatra National Park, Slovakia
Bear hair on a rub tree
Serene mountain stream
Bear claw marks
Wolf track
Bear track in the snow
Lesser spotted eagle
Common European viper
Aigle pomarin
© Jean Chevallier
The bear stronghold
European common frog
© Jean Chevallier
Zygaena sp. thistle-trekking
Glacial lakes
Sunrise over the High Tatras
High Tatras mountain range
Ecological disturbance: bark beetle outbreaks
Ecological disturbance: avalanches
Trail in the Pinus mugho
Pic tridactyle
© Jean Chevallier
Viewpoint on bear valley
Alpine cascade
Tatras Chamois
On lookout for bears
© Jean Chevallier
On lookout for chamois
First light over the Tatras peaks
The photos and video presented herein were obtained on-site, during previous field research by Tour Manager Nathan Ranc. The field drawings were made and generously contributed by French naturalist artist and illustrator Jean Chevallier.
7 days for
€TBD for students
€TBD for two participants
(flights not included)
TBD 2018
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