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last updated: 16 Aug. 2016
After Visiting Hours in Harvard Forest

As naturalists, our imaginary often focuses on remote, inaccessible areas, which encapsulate a sense of wilderness. It is in these places that we often frame the animals that we would like to encounter. Yet, these wild animals, and among them the wilderness flagships, may just as well visit our doorsteps, when we look away. Between February and July 2016, I deployed four trail cameras in different habitats – beaver pond, trail and old stand – in Harvard Forest, Petersham MA, USA. In so doing, I intended to gather information about the animal communities occupying the different sectors of Harvard Forest. The results of this survey were shared by Harvard Forest to their visitors.

3 months in less than 5 minutes
Sciurus carolensis
Procyon lotor
Procyon lotor
Canis latrans
5 months in less than 5 minutes
Harvard Forest Trail Camera
1: Coyotes Travel in Pairs (the Female Leads...
    Sciurus carolensis
2: ...and the Male Follows)
    Canis latrans
3: Large, Elusive Moose
    Alces alces
Eyes Open
Closed Eyes
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