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last updated: 11 Mar. 2016
Suburban Mammals of Somerville

Given our anthropocentric approach to the landscape, we tend to distinguish between habitats occupied by wild animals and our homes. This view is especially acute for mammals, in which simple encounters are too often perceived as human-wildlife conflicts. In fact, humans and other mammalian species overlap widely. Interestingly, several medium-sized mammals dwell in urban and suburban areas, and often go unnoticed. Beginning in January 2016, I deployed several trail cameras on a narrow vegetal corridor (4 x 20 meters) between two house blocks in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. In so doing, I intended to identify the different mammalian species present in the area, and to gain insight about their activity patterns – in particular, the influence of daily hours and weather on resident animal activity.

Mephitis mephitis
Felis catus
Sciurus carolinensis
Procyon lotor
Mephitis mephitis
Didelphis virginiana
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