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Volunteering Consultant
Mr. Wilson Rui Qian holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a Masters of Urban Design degree from TCAUP, University of Michigan. His unique academic experiences at the GSD and TCAUP have enriched his professional thinking and practice skills, which he has since used to introduce the academic context, pedagogies, and methodologies of western Urban Design / Landscape Architecture education to China. Mr. Qian worked with Professor Roy Strickland and Professor Niall Kirkwood to establish new Urban Design and Landscape Architecture programs in his undergraduate school, the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and was recently nominated as the International Research Associate of China’s National Research Center for Rural Planning and Development. Mr. Qian regularly serves, moreover, as the VP of the UM Beijing Alumni Association, and is responsible for bridging Sino-US institutions.
Mr. Qian’s professional experience is highlighted by internships and full-time work as an urban designer at Cooper Robertson and Partners and Goody Clancy and Associates. As a designer for the Urban Design Team & China Sustainability Center of AECOM’s Beijing Office, he worked directly with studio leaders to develop a series of award winning projects presented for bidding and competitions.Prior to moving to the United States, Mr.Qian was the teaching assistant of Dr. Qi Ding, Associate Professor in Urban Planning at the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture; where he once helped lead competitions and studios, he is now collaboratively establishing China’s first urban design program. He is also currently serving as the overseas editor for several professional magazines in China, writing critiques of contemporary trends in Chinese architecture and urban design and introducing the experience of American professional practice to China.
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