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Executive Consultant

Paola Palumbo is an underwater and field archaeologist, historian and tour guide. She has worked and travelled in different Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain, and Greece), cultivating her research interests in the Mediterranean economical history of Antiquity and exercising her teaching skills as a tour guide, especially with children between the ages of five and eleven.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in History and Social Science from the University of Bari (Italy) in 2016, and is currently conducting a Masters in Archaeology at the University of Bari. She is a professional diving master, possessing the Advanced Diver certification from the ESA (European Scuba Agency), which enables her to guide groups of people in underwater immersions up to 36 metres depth. Paola’s international work experience includes field archaeology, at the prehistoric site of the Caves of Altamira (Spain) and at the Archaic Sanctuary of Apollo in Despotiko (Cyclades, Greece); underwater archaeology, leading snorkelling and diving expeditions to view the underwater archaeological structures of the Roman site of Egnazia (Italy) and the Secca di Monterosso in Bari (Italy); and tour guiding, leading historical tours of the historical site Castel del Monte (Italy).

As Executive Consultant of The Diakron Institute, Paola applies her research interests and sensitivity towards new teaching methods to support the development of educational projects about Mediterranean cultures.

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