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Executive Consultant
Lucía Luque studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Málaga. She is now involved in Law studies, to investigate the relationship and communication paradigms between human laws and institutions shaping social interactions. She also holds a Master’s degree in Teaching. Her studies in Economics, History, Psychology and Statistics were the basis for a specialization in the field of Communication and Advertising, from the learning of audio-visual technical bases, to the analysis of how Media work (communication and advertising strategies). Her interests focus on Institutional Communication; in particular, on transparency and citizens’ participation policies, especially in the fields of major interaction between citizens and public institutions (i.e. environmental, urbanistic, associative policies).
As Executive Consultant of the Diakron Institute, Lucía participates in and contributes to its projects and educational services as a highly-trained sociologist, and is in charge of the Institute’s code of ethics regarding public relations.
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