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Executive Consultant
Born in Madrid, and with the University of Málaga as his Alma Mater, Alfonso Carlos Domínguez has embarked on an journey in education, seeking holistic and humanistic instruction, believing that an interdisciplinary approach is essential for men and women with a global vision of society. Trained as a Classical Philologist, Alfonso believes that language is the base of every rational process, of every relationship, of every abstract creation of man. He specializes in textual criticism, and is interested in Indo-European studies, Linguistics and Literary Theory; and is passionate about understanding language from a diakronic perspective. His interests include music studies and language didactics (especially how new technologies can be applied to the teaching of languages); and is trained as a teacher in classical languages.
As Executive Consultant of the Diakron Institute, Alfonso participates in and contributes to its projects and educational services as a philologist and language teacher. He is currently developing his PhD thesis on Byzantine Studies, making a Critical Edition of an unpublished text, the Anonymous Commentary of Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, from both Greek and Latin manuscripts, at the University of Salerno (Italy) and the University of Málaga (Spain).
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